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ETA Refusal

Do I Need a TRV or an ETA?

If you are from a visa-exempt country, you need an eTA.

Please check here to see whether you are from a visa-exempt country.

You can apply for an eTA online.

ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) Visa: Visa-Exempt Countries

Individuals from Visa-exempt countries have to obtain an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). If individuals are refused eTAs, they are refused on grounds of the following reasons:

  • Criminality – if you have previously been charged with a crime
  • Misrepresentation – if you have misrepresented information to Canada immigration previously and received a ban for 5 years.
  • Previous Deportation – for overstaying the duration of your visit illegally
  • Medical Inadmissibility – you have a medical condition that either is a threat to the safety of Canadians or will excessive demand on health and social services.
  • Human Rights Violations – if you have previously served in the military for a country that has been deemed to have participated in war crimes

If you qualify under any of the categories above, it is important to contact a professional to determine the best plan of action for your certain situation.

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